Prosper Loans
Who are

Quite simply, are an online loans company dealing with personal loans and online investing, also peer-to-peer lending. They basically connect people who want to borrow money and want to lend money. In a nutshell, it brings lenders and borrowers together.

So is a scam or legit? has well over 1 million users just now so we would say that they are totally legit. When logged in there is a rating system that they introduced in order for the borrower and lender to fully review any application before accepting or declining. has funded over $240 million of loans since its birth in 2006.​​​​

Prosper loans are typically just like bank loans but all loans are fully unsecured., like many other sites when they are first introduced, went through some teething problems, but they have managed to iron those out and have improved over the 7 years their website has been online. Like the rating system, they keep introducing new methods to give the lenders and the borrowers the best peace of mind when lending or borrowing money from other people.